Bellows & Company can work with your board, your executive director or key development staff to grow your donor community and the resources you need to effect positive social change. 

Bellows & Company can assist you in:

  • Interim management services
  • Fundraising strategy & planning
  • Fundraising coaching & training

Interim management services

Are you facing a significant organizational transition? Do you need assistance in managing your organization's finances and donor relationships on an interim basis? Bellows & Company can provide interim management services to ensure that your organization remains on solid financial ground during organizational transitions.

Fundraising strategy & planning

Is your non-profit organization stuck in a fundraising rut?  Do you face potential deficits because of unexpected revenue shortfalls?  Bellows & Company can work with you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current fundraising programs, identify strategies to strengthen your relationships with donors and create a viable fundraising plan to be successful.

Fundraising coaching & training

Most non-profit executive directors and board members enter into non-profit service because they love the mission, not because they love fundraising.  Bellows & Company can work with your organizational leadership to overcome any fears about fundraising and build your internal fundraising capacity.  Whether your executive director needs one-on-one coaching, your board president needs someone to accompany her on a major donor meeting or your board of directors needs a fundraising training, Bellows & Company can help your leadership team succeed at fundraising.